The following Terms and Conditions must be read and will apply to all clients of Pearl Studios, unless agreed otherwise in writing at Pearl Studios discretion. 

By using the services of Pearl Studios, you (the client) agree to and accept the following Terms and Conditions of use and that such Terms and Conditions will be binding and applicable in any dispute that will arise from the use of Pearl Studios. 

If you do not accept, please do not use our service.

Pearl Studios reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of use at any time and to notify you by posting updates on the website. Please be aware that if you continue to use Pearl Studios after any such changes to the Terms and Conditions, you are bound by the new Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to the following terms, the client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Pearl Studios, and its affiliates, officers, employees, suppliers, and partners from and against any third party claim.

Pearl Studios' Services

Pearl Studios provides photo retouching services to its clients. We do our best to follow all appropriate instructions given by the client, and to resolve any miscommunications. We are not responsible for the delay of retouching services as a result of such miscommunications, or of a client's misunderstanding of our services. We are also not responsible for any consequential damages that result or may occur because of a delay.

Pearl Studios does not keep or send back original images, only the retouched image, so clients should always keep copies of their original files. Retouched images are only kept on file for 10 days after the final retouched file has been made available to the client (confirmed download from retransfer).

Pearl Studios is not responsible for any damage due to the failure to make certain edits, delay in completing orders, the loss of files due to equipment malfunction, or other technical problems.


If you are not happy with your image preview or it does not correspond to your reasonable request, we will only perform additional edits that correspond to and are consistent with your original order and request. Pearl Studios will not perform additional edits that were not originally submitted at the time of your image being submitted.

Right to Refuse

Pearl Studios reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order before payment is made.


Client's photos are private and will never be shared to individuals not employed by Pearl Studios without written client consent. Using photos on Pearl Studios’ online portfolio, as well as in online and printed advertisements, will not occur without the client's explicit and written consent. Pearl Studios collects client email addresses and full names. This information is not shared with or sold to any other entity and is protected from any accidental and inadvertent disclosure to third parties. This information may be saved for email communications.

Refund Policy

Payment is non-refundable after the client has paid for any services. A final retouched file is only made available to the client once payment has been processed and received through any payment method. Pearl Studios is not responsible for any delays to the availability of a client's final retouched file due to processing delays from the payment method, as well as any consequential damages that result from such delays.  Once work has commenced and files sent back to our clients retouched as per the service paid for *i.e. Clean Up, Natural or High End; if the images are not to the required standard then they can be corrected with retouching, as per the service paid for*, with no extra charge. However, we cannot give a refund, this will also delay the turnaround time due to other work commitments. 

Image Submissions

Submissions to Pearl Studios should adhere to the following guidelines. Pearl Studios does not comment on or assume responsibility for the content of submissions. Pearl Studios reserves the right to decline a submission and/or refuse service to any client because of, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • An image that contains abusive, obscene, illegal, or inappropriate content.
  • An image that does not follow image specification guidelines (i.e. file size) or has flaws that render it unsuitable for retouching (i.e. blurry, severe distortions)
  • An image that is incompatible with the retouch request, or the retouch request is unable to be performed because it is impracticable. We do our best to clearly explain what we do and cannot do, and reserve the right to refuse a request that is impracticable for a retoucher to execute.


By submitting a photo to be retouched, the client is hereby representing that the copyrights to the image belongs to the client, or that the client has the explicit permission of the copyright holder (or legal owner) of the photo, for the photo to be used and altered. Pearl Studios does not accept requests to remove photographer logos, watermarks, or any other copyright insignia. Pearl Studios is not responsible for copyright and/or privacy infringement on the part of the client, and assumes that all photos submitted have either been taken by the client or have become the legal property of the client. By submitting an image to be retouched, the client hereby agrees to indemnify Pearl Studios against any copyright claims by third parties. Pearl Studios also assumes that the client submitting the photo has the permission of every person in the photo. Pearl Studios does not take responsibility for objections from other persons in the photograph that is being or has been retouched and disclaims all liability for any damages caused thereby. 

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